+31302305335 ENUM crawler information

Status: 247163 ENUM numbers (containing 259667 NAPTR records). Crawling speed: 226 numbers in the last minute.

Number status for +31302305335 (

ENUM status: NAPTRs found (N)
status detail: The ENUM domain for this number exists, and contains (non-wildcard) NAPTR records
discovered: 2020-08-18 07:53:29.402177+02
last checked: 2021-04-15 12:50:56+02
last query time: 0.025s

NAPTRs for +31302305335 (

Note: NAPTRs are not fetched live. The resource record set below reflects the NAPTR set when the number was queried the last time

order pref flags services regexp repl
100 10 u E2U+sip !^.*$!sip:Henny.Bekker@surfnet.nl!

numbers below

(Note: for some parts of the tree, statistics are not perfectly accurate. I'm working on this)